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February and The Renaissance


I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of a group show called ‘The Renaissance Showcase‘ a few months ago, and this post comes about ten days since the show went up. It felt amazing, after nine months of inactivity on my part, not only to be working again, but also to feel sought after. I have consistently shown two to three times a year since graduation. This has happened with no pursuit on my own part, but rather, because others have found me and asked me to participate. Obviously I am fortunate, and feel thankful, but it is now obvious that I need to be pursuing my creative work seriously if I am ever to aspire to better venues and shows, and not to rely on the kindness and good graces of others.

Nine months out of the studio is a long time, but 2010 was a difficult year, filled with unpleasant surprises. Probably the greatest was breaking my right forearm. The initial healing process was to be expected, but it seems every now and again the injury finds new ways to hinder me. I believe it also became something of an excuse for me to not work or think in a creative way.

I feel I was very close to losing sight entirely of my art and its importance to my person.

I am hoping this blog can become more of a constant companion for me, those who care abut the work, and the muses I am lucky enough to cross paths with.

My art career has to be my own. I cannot go through life as a weekend warrior painter.