These Pieces Are Meant For Giants

To quote the great Mister Waits…

“What’s he building in there?”

Hope to see you all in February. Fingers crossed.


Humanity. I love you.

Yes, the news is true.


Myself and two other talented artists, the lovely Mary Benyo and Elise Gaffey, will be having a group show this next Thursday, october 1st.

The space is called Cameo, I’ve been there several times before, and tend to enjoy the musical performances here. In order to get to the space, you’ve got to crawl through to the back of the Lovin’ Cup cafe–just act like a VIP who’s done it all before. You’ll be rewarded by arriving in one of the newest, hippest art spaces this side of the East River! Also, part of the good news is aural, because following the opening, you’ll all be able to enjoy the music of The Albertans (who I’ve seen before) and Mon Khmer (new to me, I’ll admit).

Come one and all, and enjoy an evening of art, music, and celebration! Be sure to get here before the lights turn down though, and remember, it’s kind of a one-night deal!

Press release:

CAMEO ART GALLERY presents “Humanity, I Love You”, a group show assembled by emerging Brooklyn-based artists Mary Benyo, Elise Gaffey, and Jack Walsh. Inspired by an e.e. cummings poem of the same name, this exhibit provides a simple and elegant chance for the artists to investigate their own preoccupancies with, and observations of, human nature in a multidisciplinary space. Human identity is a familiar problem for artists to confront, the exploration of personal burdens we all live with on a daily basis.  Being human means living in a state of constant contradiction and disparity of behavior. Control is out of our reach, whether it is the surrounding world, or our own subconscious. This breadth of work is presented as a continuation of that conversation: a dialogue of ideas.

Mary Benyo uses oil paint to weave visceral memory-scapes evoking atmospheres both imagined and concrete. Impressions of colors and patterns blend to create scenes that slip in and out of focus. The visual experiences that live in puddles or the subconscious’ ability to remember a moment provide endless inspiration.
Mary Benyo graduated from Pratt Institute in 2007 with BFA in Arts Education.

Elise Gaffey is a visual storyteller finding inspiration in subtly outrageous and playful works of collage, employing paint, vintage paper and ephemera.  Her work investigates the nuances of feminity, gender and sexuality as she systematically neuters taboos with aggressive glee.  Small works in watercolor and graphite create a matrix of illusion and disillusion through expressionist motifs.
Elise Gaffey is a self-taught artist currently studying at the Art Students League of NY.

Jack Walsh’s vast conceptual landscapes are empty industrial wastelands, obsessed with the culture responsible for creating them. Identity is represented with holes where faces should be, enforcing the quiet tension found in the work. In a world where globalization has become responsible for human hot-spots, he finds contemplation in the ignorable spaces of in-between.
Jack Walsh graduated from Pratt Institute in 2007 with a BFA in Painting.

OPENING RECEPTION: October 1st, 7-9pm. Gallery Hours: By appointment thereafter. 718-302-1180

What’s On The Easel

I’m in the midst of a few new things currently, working like a madman to get some new things done before October. There are several new pieces to see in certain sections, not least notably the skateboards in “Painting.” I am also quite pleased with how a portrait of a good friend came out. More on what October will mean for everyone, later. Meantime, here is a taste of what’s new is everything old under the sun again…


What is the purpose of this blurry sketch? Who is he? Who, in fact, cares?


You may remember this piece…

paolo-soleri-wip-smAnd while not an update, here is an example of progress of how “Paolo Soleri” took shape. Bonus points if you know who that wonderful man is.

Custom skateboard time again?


I have a truly oddball deck up at Avenue A Sushi again, stop on by this Thursday night, from 7-11pm, for “Night Of The Living Decks”, a show put on with the help from my good friends Miss Gunns, Mike A, and an acquaintance from the old spinner rack, Fangoria Magazine. I’ll probably be there from 7:30pm onward.

Come on by!

Some press:

5 Dollar Store


Hey, if you’re in Chicago, don’t forget to see this show featuring my work, themed as a “convenience store” for art. A lucky thing for a recession!


The $5 Store – A convenience store themed art show, wherein all of the “products” are handcrafted to resemble or re-interpret typical convenience store products. Set in a convenience store setting.


People are encouraged to view the works, most of which can be purchased for around $5.

Live music by LOS HERSHEY SQUIRTS @ 11

Stay tuned for me to publish my works from the show, along with photos, after the event.

In Progress: 4/5


Oil on wood panel. Almost there…

funnelUntitled (so far) oil on canvas. 72″ x 60″

Is it April already?

Still working, I promise.  There will be new things. I promise this as well.


In Progress: 1/11


Oil on wood panel. Portrait-in-progress.


Oil and encaustic on skateboard, originally for “Horror in 1940’s New York” show at Recriprocal Skateboard.

In Progress: 1/6


Oil on linen…

Inscrutable Icon

The dumb, mute pillars of my imaginings.

They populate the horizon, bubbling across it like pox. They don’t say anything, they don’t give, they don’t take. They don’t ofer insight, they just are. Like so many other elements in my work, they just are.

They appear and re-appear and promulgate without explanation or reason. What do they represent? What do I have to do with their appearances, if anything at all? What do I have to do with my empty landscapes, my bridges, and my men made of holes? How am I privy to their audience? Why does my inspiration take the form of inscrutable icon?

And beneath the night the shapes of men and sometimes-men haunt my gaze, under a sky lit with halogen and starlight. A roiling, boiling chaos begging for me to joins its tempreate and furious tranquility. We are all being watched. We are all dwarfed. There is no escape, no recourse, no philosophy against the final “IS”.