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In one week, on February 4th, I’ll be exhibiting some entirely new paintings (as well as some old ones) at the Night Owl Bar, a new bar in Williamsburg. I’m really impressed with the space of the bar and the help I’m receiving to make it possible. A certain Kevin Kelly (, former fellow classmate and colleague, decided my work was strong enough he wanted to spotlight that. As a result, I’m happy to announce:


What: “Paintings for Giants”

Who: Me, at the Night Owl

Where: 170 North 4th Street, Brooklyn NY

When: Thursday, February 4th. 7pm until LATE

I want to see everyone there. Come on by, have a drink, and wax poetic to me about what you see. If we’re lucky, we might get some Giants too 😉

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These Pieces Are Meant For Giants

To quote the great Mister Waits…

“What’s he building in there?”

Hope to see you all in February. Fingers crossed.


What’s On The Easel

I’m in the midst of a few new things currently, working like a madman to get some new things done before October. There are several new pieces to see in certain sections, not least notably the skateboards in “Painting.” I am also quite pleased with how a portrait of a good friend came out. More on what October will mean for everyone, later. Meantime, here is a taste of what’s new is everything old under the sun again…


What is the purpose of this blurry sketch? Who is he? Who, in fact, cares?


You may remember this piece…

paolo-soleri-wip-smAnd while not an update, here is an example of progress of how “Paolo Soleri” took shape. Bonus points if you know who that wonderful man is.

Custom skateboard time again?


I have a truly oddball deck up at Avenue A Sushi again, stop on by this Thursday night, from 7-11pm, for “Night Of The Living Decks”, a show put on with the help from my good friends Miss Gunns, Mike A, and an acquaintance from the old spinner rack, Fangoria Magazine. I’ll probably be there from 7:30pm onward.

Come on by!

Some press:

In Progress: 4/5


Oil on wood panel. Almost there…

funnelUntitled (so far) oil on canvas. 72″ x 60″

In Progress: 1/11


Oil on wood panel. Portrait-in-progress.


Oil and encaustic on skateboard, originally for “Horror in 1940’s New York” show at Recriprocal Skateboard.

In Progress: 1/6


Oil on linen…